24 years of pristine luxury menswear on consignment in a tiny-but-magical back-alley shop.

Located at Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto, we take fashionable, current consignments and find a "body match" with our many clients, letting stylish quality live on through re-use. As a customer, you never have to sift through low-end or worn out crap when you visit the store –– it's already beautifully curated.

In a sea of online uncertainty and headache, we celebrate the tactile experience of local brick and mortar shopping. Nothing beats the value, pleasure and peace of mind in getting to feel luxury fabrics, trying on items before you buy so sizing and look is always guaranteed, and snapping a selfie to share with friends and loved ones for final approval.




Gems turn up at our "temple of menswear”all the time! Come visit!

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If it’s a stellar brand, we'll consign it. Everything is vetted with an aim for perfection. Scroll down to see some of the brands we consign.


 FYI, we also have shoes, handbags + accessories for you. A very curated, luxurious selection!